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Please read our FAQ below and if that does not help contact the appropriate department based on your question.


Once I pay for the course, do I have to take it today? No. You have one year from date of purchase to complete the course. You may continue the course by logging in and selecting the course under “My Courses”.

Can I print or download the course to read it to read it offline or refer to later? Yes. Upon purchasing the course, or anytime afterward you can purchase the downloadable PDF version for $1.99.  (This is only available in the states allowed that allow an open book exam.)

How do I retrieve my username or password? If you have forgotten your username please contact us. On the left navigation bar you can click on “Forgot your password?” and it will be resent to your email address on file.  

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What if I am disconnected in the middle of a course? Close your browser and open it again. Log in, and select "My Courses" in the left-hand menu. You can then choose to continue your course. If you have enabled bookmarking then the course material will resume where you were disconnected.

What are the browser requirements to use this website? Click here to see the minimum browser requirements to correctly use this website.

How can I pay for my online courses? Do I get a receipt? LTC Connection accepts credit card payments from American Express, Visa, Discover and Master Card. After purchasing a course you will receive a transaction confirmation via e-mail. You may also access your payment history by logging in and selecting “View My Payment History” under the “My Account” section.

Does LTC Connection have a refund policy? We understand that you may accidentally purchase the wrong course. Due to the fact that our course materials are available immediately upon purchase we will not provide a refund unless you request it by the end of the 2nd business day after purchasing it. To request a refund email


What are the LTC mandatory training requirements in my state? Click on “State Requirements” on the left hand navigation bar. You can also check with the insurance carrier(s) you do business with.

What happens if I do not take my refresher training within the required time period? It depends! In most states, you just cannot solicit or sell another LTC insurance policy until you have taken your required refresher training.  In some states like Illinois and Virginia you may have to take the 8 hour initial training again.

Can I take the 8 hour initial training again when my refresher training is due so that I can get 8 hours of CE instead of 4 hours of CE? Yes. The carriers will accept another 8 hour training as your refresher training. However, you will want to be sure you do not take the SAME 8 Hour training course without first verifying with your state whether those credits will be accepted for CE credit. Most states will not allow an agent to complete the same course during the same compliance training period and several do not allow a course to be repeated in the subsequent compliance period.

Why is training mandatory for LTCi producers? Congress passed the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005 to restore incentives for states to implement LTC Partnership programs while making it more difficult to protect assets when applying for Medicaid. Congress recognized that the complex “partnership” between LTC insurance and Medicaid would require explanation by producers. At the same time the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) updated the 2006 LTC Model Act to recommend 8 hours of initial training and 4 hours of refresher training every 24 months for all LTC producers in all states.  There are also supplement courses in some states that non-resident producers have to take.

How is this training different from Continuing Education? Unlike with CE, insurance carriers, not state insurance commissioners, are responsible for making sure their producers are compliant.

Questions on what training course to take?  Email Catherine, our Director of Education at and she can help you figure out the course(es) you should take!


Where do I send my affidavit?
Fax: (847)520-7006   Attention: CE Administration.  
*Please note that if your fax machine is older than 2003, please email as older, analog faxes may not come through to us.

Do I need to have a monitor or proctor for my exam? Each state determines the requirements for an online exam. You will be notified on both the rules page of the course material prior to purchasing and also just prior to taking the exam if a monitor/proctor is required in your state. Your proctor will be prompted to enter identifying information online.

What’s a proctor? What does “disinterested third party” mean? A proctor is someone to witness you taking the test. The Proctor must be a Disinterested Third Party. Each state defines this term in a slightly different way. This information can be found prior to purchasing the course. A general rule of thumb is that a disinterested third party would be an individual that is not related to you and is not an immediate supervisor or employee of yours.

I’m not a resident producer and/or I don’t need/want CE. Do I still need a proctor? Yes. If a state requires a proctor then we must deliver the course as it was approved by the state in order to certify the training.

Where can I find my state’s proctor approval form or exam monitor form? The affidavit will be available for you to download as part of the steps you take when completing a course. We will also email an affidavit to you once you have completed the final exam. Should you need an additional copy, there is a link for you to download the affidavit under “My Courses”. This link will only appear in “My Courses” once you have successfully completed the final exam.

Questions about your proctor, affidavit?  Call 888-582-3750 x1  or email


How long do I have to complete the exam? You can take as long as you need to complete the exam. The exam is not timed, however, leaving your computer in the middle of an exam may cause the system to log you out for security purposes. You must complete the exam in one sitting. You have unlimited attempts to pass it.

How many questions are on the exam? This depends on the number of credit hours being issued, and the state in which you are taking the exam. Generally speaking the exams contain between 25 and 50 questions.

Are the course materials available while I am taking the exam? No. The online course materials are restricted during the completion of your exam. If you would like to review the course materials prior to your exam via hard copy you can purchase the PDF version for $1.99. When you resume your course you will see the option to purchase the PDF version materials.

Do I have to use the same monitor if I fail the test and have to take it over? No. You can use a different monitor for each exam that you take as long as the monitor fulfills the state’s proctor requirements.

What if I am disconnected in the middle of an exam? It is a requirement that the final exam be completed in one sitting. You will need to close your browser and open it again. Log in, and select "My Courses" in the left-hand menu. Choose to continue your course. Use the Continue button in the upper right hand corner to continue to the exam. The exam will be restarted with a new randomized test.

Questions about your exam?  Call 888-582-3750 x1 or email


How long does it take to receive my certificate of completion?

  • ONLINE COURSES: 1 Business Day (assuming you have submitted any required forms)
  • CLASSROOM COURSES:  6-10 Business Days
  • WEBINARS: 3-4 Business Days

I did not get my certificate of completion. How can I obtain a duplicate certificate? First make sure you have sent us any required documents like your affidavit if we requested one.   You can access your certificate of completion anytime by logging into your “My Courses” section. 

I’ve received the certificate of completion – what do I do with it? If it is for your mandatory LTC training requirements (as opposed to a regular LTC CE course) submit it to the carriers that you do business with. (If you live in a self-reporting state, you need to submit it to the DOI). If you took your training from us with a co-branded insurance carrier portal it will be automatically submitted to your insurance carrier.

Carrier contact information for submitting certificates
Genworth Financial  Fax: 434-948-5058   Email:
John Hancock  Fax: (617)450-8057  Email:
MedAmerica  Fax: 585-238-3675
Transamerica  Fax: 866-630-7496 Email:
LifeSecure  Fax: 810-220-4693
Mutual of Omaha  Email:

Need your Certificate of Completion?  Call  888-582-3750 x1 or email


CLEAR CERT: The Industry’s LTCI Clearing House

Who is Clear Cert? Is LTC Connection a Clear Cert network member? Clear Cert is the industry’s only third-party validation that ensures mandatory LTCi training courses are in full compliance with applicable state and federal regulations, as required by the industry’s leading insurance carriers. LTC Connection is a Clear Cert Network Provider and is proud to display the Clear Cert Content Certification seal found on the home page of our website.

Are LTC Connection’s courses certified by Clear Cert? Does LTC Connection report completions? LTC Connection submits all LTCi mandatory training courses to Clear Cert to be certified. Clear Cert then lists these courses on the Clear Cert website. By completing this course, you are authorizing LTC Connection to report your course completion to Clear Cert. You will be asked for your National Producer Number (NPN) when you purchase a course. A link is provided to look this up if you do not know your NPN.


Is LTC Connection a certified provider in my state? Does LTC Connection offer CFP or PACE? Yes. LTC Connection is an approved certified insurance continuing education provider as well as an approved sponsor with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. PACE credit is available to any student completing a course which has been pre-approved for CE by a state Department of Insurance or CE credit with the CFP Board of Standards.

What are the CE regulations and requirements in my state for my insurance license? LTC Connection recommends contacting your Department of Insurance to determine the number of credit hours and the type of credit hours that you need. We do provide information specific to LTC training requirements here:  State Requirements

Does LTC Connection report CE credits to the state? How long does it take? LTC Connection reports online course completions and CE credits to states within 1 business day. However, New Mexico is considered a "self reporting" state and you are responsible for submitting your certificate to the state.

We cannot process your CE credits or certificate of completion if your state requires an Affidavit of Personal Responsibility or Proctor Form and you have not submitted it. If after one week your transcript does not reflect your course completion, contact us to determine if there are any issues.

Do courses apply toward my insurance license in states where I hold a non-resident license? LTC Connection will provide you with a non-CE certificate if you take a course or class outside of the state in which you are a resident licensed producer.

Can I take the same course again within my CE renewal cycle? You can take it for purpose of certification to sell LTC insurance but you will not get CE credit.  We offer two 4 Hour refresher courses in most states so that you can alternate between the two and always get continuing education credit.  We offer Version A and Version B.  To see which course you took last time go to MY ACCOUNT.

Do you offer CFP or Certified Financial Planner Credit?  Yes.  It is available for purchase when you are purchasing your LTC Courses.  After you select your course you will be prompted if you want to also purchase CFP credit for the course.

Questions about continuing education or CFP credit?  Call 888-582-3750 x1 or email


We offer webinars for the refresher training in Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey and Virginia
For HELP or more information email or go to the website below for more details.


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